Wee Jin + Shanru at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

Classic city weddings always have our hearts. And when they’re as glamorous as Wee Jin and Shanru’s wedding reception held at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, well… let’s take a look the beautiful photos Louis Loo captured that evening!

Something blue, our bride’s favourite colour.

We created a simple bridal bouquet for beautiful Shanru, who wanted some green in it.

The only place where pinks were allowed!

As our couple met in London as college students, they wanted their wedding decor to have “elements related to something British”. A hint of “British vintage” then! When Wee Jin and Shanru came to us on Grand Hyatt’s recommendation, we had a total of six weeks to prepare for this wedding reception. You read right, six weeks! Shanru was in Taiwan preparing her side’s pre-wedding dinner, which meant she was away for half the time. No matter, we’re good at taking down clear instructions. So, for this even at the Grand Hyatt – a Western-style decor, simple and elegant, blue hydrangeas, no pink, red or purple flowers.

Handmade flowers adorn a customized entryway installment.

The Grand Hyatt ballroom is aglow for a little evening romance.

Our couple liked a black and ritzy gold palette and a tablescape that wasn’t overly complicated, so we created this look for them.

The bridal table’s centerpiece makes a subtle statement with gentle textures.

A closer look at the centerpiece.

The dainty details that help to make a statement.

Instead of traditionally using all round tables, Wee Jin and Shanru chose to use long tables as well.

“The long tables draped in black, with the gold candelabras, crystal vases, and gold candles represented the theme we wanted and even created an unexpected fairytale atmosphere,” says Shanru.

The centerpiece along the viking tables use the same elements from the bridal table.

Small in size, but big on sparkles and textures.

Centerpiece for the round tables.

“All our guests loved the decor, and some actually came up to me to ask which design company we hired,” Shanru tells us happily, “We loved how Wishing Tree put together so many different kinds of flowers without making the designs complicated.”

Jin and Shanru make their way to the bridal table.

Jin and Shanru’s guests enjoy a sumptuous dinner in an intimate, romantic setting.

You can never go wrong with fairy lights and sheer linens.

Jin and Shanru cut their wedding cake – in Shanru’s favourite pastel blue and white.

Six weeks is a pretty short time to put together a wedding, but we’re so glad to have pulled this off together with you. Thank you so much dear Jin and Shanru for sharing your wedding day with us, and with our readers!

Our wonderful couple, who we wish a lifetime of joy, laughter, and love!

Here’s a little note from dear Shanru for our blog…

“Wishing Tree is a decor company that thinks ahead of their customers and always gives their customers more choices and advice since they have countless experience in decorating the events and weddings. When I told Lily I wanted blue and white for the wedding, she reminded me these two colours may not be popular in the Chinese culture especially to elderly, so she used ivory roses instead of using all white flowers. We loved the black table linens throughout the ballroom, but to ensure the main table would stand out from the rest, she covered ours with a shimmer tablecloth.

“Wishing Tree is a super efficient company. Lily, she replies very quickly, which is something I’ve never quite experienced in Malaysia (please forgive me as I used to live in Hong Kong so I think people here are a bit more relaxed).

“I told Lily that I wanted a bouquet and some decorative arrangements in my place, just one day before my wedding. I didn’t want any pink in my bouquet, but would like some green. So she found me an imported green dianthus to brighten up my bouquet. I remember hearing the girls at Grand Hyatt say that they had never seen such a beautiful and unique bouquet!” – Shanru

Kee + Mei at The Light Hotel, Butterworth Penang

Kee and Mei are resplendent in their traditional Chinese wedding attire.

Looking through these photos captured by Mocco had us reminiscing about Kee and Mei’s gorgeous and fun-filled wedding held in Butterworth, Penang. Our couple called it “whimsical luxe”, which we felt suited their style and personality perfectly, and it was taken to the next level with the expertise of their wedding planner Tricia from Moments. Let’s take a look at these photos that so beautifully captured the mood and atmosphere of their big day!

The groom and his best men in their “chang pao” look very dapper for the gate-crashing ceremony.

The groom is unmistakably stylish in his traditional wedding “magua”.

Left: The beautiful bride in her traditional “kua”, watches the gate-crashing activities on her phone. Right: The groom survives the games and goes to claim his bride.

Our couple with the bridesmaids, who are wearing a more modern two-piece outfit.

As you can see, our fun-loving couple went the whole nine yards with the traditional Chinese wedding attire! We love that they not only chose theme-appropriate clothes for themselves, but also for their wedding party. Kudos to all of them who went along with this grand idea.

Red with a hint of gold was the definitely the colour of the day for Kee and Mei.

“We chose the colour palette of red marsala and maroon with a hint of gold, knowing this would definitely please our parents,” Mei explains. “But we didn’t want it to be yet another Oriental-red-themed wedding.” Our bride has always wanted a whimsical element in her wedding, so having everyone in the bridal party dressed in traditional attire was most theme-appropriate and fun.

“Living abroad made wedding planning a bit more challenging,” Mei shares. “We pretty much sourced most of the clothing and accessories online. We found our vendors through Facebook, and were extremely satisfied with them.” While the bride’s dresses and groom’s suits were tailor-made in Malaysia by Wedding Isle Gallery and Vincent Tailor, the bridesmaids’ dresses were from an online store called Parsealed, and the groomsmen’s changpao were ordered from Taobao.

The wedding “carriage” decked in bountiful blooms.

Our couple found us through Facebook and wedding blogs, and contacted us with details of their wedding. “When Lily came back with the draft proposal, we knew we found the wedding stylist we wanted,” says Mei. “She read our minds. We were impressed by her creativity and how she developed on our ideas to come up with an elevated walkway, with the lush floral arches and chandeliers.”

The ballroom was ravishing in red and golden hues.

The bridal table, with the stage in the background.

The bridal table’s centrepiece lushly cascades to the ground.

View of the bridal table facing the breathtaking customised aisle.

Mei tells us, “I conveyed our ideas and concepts to Tricia our wedding planner, but left all the finer details to her and the Wishing Tree team. You’ve got to trust someone who’s good at their job to bring your dreams to life! The outcome was just the way we wanted it – unbelievably gorgeous.”

When we asked Mei to choose one aspect of the decor that she and Kee loved the most: “We loved the marble walkway with the arch and chandeliers! We were so in awe of the incredible decoration when we walked into the ballroom. But if we were allowed to choose more than one, we would say we loved everything.”

Kee and Mei make their entrance through the amazing aisle.

The marble elevated aisle was an inspired addition to the decor.

The marble aisle was an idea that came in towards the end of the planning, and was the brilliant idea of Tricia’s, inspired by the marble wedding cake that our bride had chosen.

Mei changes into her second gorgeous gown for the evening. We’re loving the overhead lighting from the chandeliers!

Just the two of them, sharing a tender moment.

Kee and Mei in reception area outside the ballroom.

Thank you, dear Kee and Mei, for choosing us to decorate your most treasured day, and for sharing your story with our readers on the blog. Couples looking for inspiration for their Chinese/red/Oriental wedding can rest assured that this look can be so versatile and bold without loosing any of the style and personality that befits the bride and the groom.

“Thank you to the Wishing Tree team for styling our wedding. Everything turned out more beautiful and magical than we ever imagined. You truly made the atmosphere amazing for us, and we received so many compliments. The team took utmost care to ensure that everything was perfect – from the venue decoration, down to the details of the hand bouquet and car decor. We only engaged you quite close to the wedding date, but you guys pulled all the elements together in such a timely manner that we did not have to stress out at all. We are so glad we brought you to Penang. Again, thank you so much!” – Kee and Mei